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Opening Hour 8:00 AM - 1:00 AM, every day on week.

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3,40 €
or two bread rolls with butter and jam
with ham and cheese
Fried egg or scrambled eggs
with two rolls
White sausage breakfast
6,90 €
Two white sausages served with a freshly baked pretzel and sweet mustard
English breakfast
9,80 €
Two fried eggs with fried bacon, white beans in tomato sauce, fried sausage and two slices of toast
Fitness breakfast
9,90 €
Fruit muesli with yoghurt, milk, honey, fresh fruits and fresh orange juice
Cheese breakfast
Emmentaler, cream cheese, curd cheese, Brie, one boiled egg, bread and butter
Josty breakfast
10,50 €
Black Forest ham, selection of cheese, cottage cheese, one boiled egg, butter, jam and selection of bread
Potato cream soup
6,20 €
with marjoram
Tomato soup
6,20 €
with basil
Caesar salad
10,20 €
with croutons and parmesan
Buffalo mozzarella
10,20 €
with vine tomatoes and balsamic dressing
Lukewarm goat cheese
12,90 €
on lamb´s lettuce with raspberry vinaigrette
Berlin grilled sausage
12,50 €
with curry and chips
Berlin calf´s liver
18,50 €
with onion sauce, apple rings and mashed potatoes
Berlin rissoles
12,60 €
with onion sauce, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes
Pizza Margherita
12,60 €
Pizza Salami
14,90 €
Pizza Hawaii
14,90 €
with ham and pineapple
14,90 €
with ham and mushrooms
10,20 €
with rocket, black olives, sun dried tomatoes and sage butter
Pasta Bolognese
12,90 €
also available vegetarian
Pasta Bolognese
8,50 €
Small breaded veal cuttlet
9,90 €
with chips
Josty children burger
8,50 €
with chips
Breaded veal cutlet
21,20 €
with lukewarm potato and cucumber salad
Roast pork
15,40 €
with beer sauce served with sauerkraut and potato dumplings
Grill plate
21,50 €
with fillet of beef, chicken breast and lamb chop, seasonal vegetables, herb butter and chips
Crispy knuckle of pork for two persons
15,40 € p.p.
with sauerkraut and caraway sauce served with potato dumplings
Josty´s plate for two persons
19,90 € p.p.
with rosemary potatoes, bread dumplings, potato salad, sauerkraut, roast pork, meat loaf, rissoles and fried Thuringian sausage with beer sauce
Fried Thuringian sausage
12,60 €
with onion sauce, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
Nuremberg sausages
12,60 €
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
Apple strudel viennese style
7,50 €
with vanilla ice-cream or vanilla sauce
Apricot white cheese strudel
7,50 €
with vanilla ice-cream or vanilla sauce
Caramelized cream
7,50 €
with fresh berries
Pies and cakes
4,50 €
from an austrian confectionary
13,50 €
100% beef with burger sauce, salad, gherkins, onions, tomato and cheese
12,50 €
100% beef with burger sauce, salad, gherkins, onions and tomato
Josty Burger
15,40 €
100% beef with burger sauce, salad, onions, tomato, egg, bacon and cheese
Asia Burger
13,50 €
Chicken asia with chili-mango-mayonnaise, arugula, sprouts, ginger, fresh coriander and sesame
BBQ Burger
12,50 €
Pulled Pork with BBQ-sauce, gherkin, coleslaw, cheese and onions
Vegan Burger
13,50 €
Potato-chick peas-lentils Burger, soybean-mayonnaise, sprouts, tomato, fresh coriander and arugula in a chia bun
Rumpsteak 200g
26,00 €
Fillet of beef 200g
32,00 €
with pepper
Entrecôte 300g
34,00 €
from the intermediate rib
Fresh vegetables from the market
3,50 €
Potato gratin
3,50 €
3,50 €
Small Caesar salad
4,50 €
Béarnaise sauce
3,00 €
Hot drinks
Beer on tap
Soft drinks
White wine
Red wine
Virgin Cocktails